February 4, 2003 - Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World meet goal for NY Times Ad opposing war with Iraq

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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World meet goal for NY Times Ad opposing war with Iraq

Read and comment on this message that was posted on the web site for the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World that between February 3 and February 4 they moved from the half way mark to fully meeting their goal of collecting $23,700 for a half page ad in the NY Times opposing war with Iraq after PCOL highlighted the story on their campaign in our monthly mass emailing on February 3. Congratulations to the group for meeting their goal. Read the story at:

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World*

* This link was active on the date it was posted. PCOL is not responsible for broken links which may have changed.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World

February 4

Just a Quick Note! We have reached our immediate goal of $23,700 to place this ad! Additional contributions will help support other EPIC advocacy efforts and initiatives to further our message. That includes future ads by other constituencies opposed to war with Iraq (including veterans and 9-11 survivors). Note also that, for the moment, we are still accepting RPCV signers but we would like to wrap things up this weekend so we can place the ad ASAP. Watch for an additional updates to this website (the next update will be late tonight). ~Jeff

February 3

Dear friends:

Thank you very much for your support of our ad campaign. We are now well past the half-way mark towards our Feb. 10th goal of raising $23,700 for a half-page ad in the New York Times. To date, the response from RPCVs around the country has been positive and encouraging.

Because time is running short, please let other RPCV friends know about the campaign and spread the word to your non-Peace Corps colleagues as well.

Thanks again for your generous support.

Collin Tong
RPCV Thailand (1968 - 69)

January 30

Dear friends:

After consulting with several Thailand 24 and Seattle RPCV colleagues last night, we've decided to revise our campaign goal for the NY Times ad. As donations stand -- we're at close to $9,000 now -- at the rate contributions are coming in (the average donations have been under $50), we believe the earlier goal of raising $40,000 for a full-page ad may now be unrealistic.

Given our preferred time-frame for running the ad in the NY Times in the next two weeks, and the rapid deployment of U.S. forces in Iraq and surrounding nations, we're running out of time. So, a more achievable goal is a half-page, horizontal ad (cost: $23,700). Jeff Gustafson is redoing the web-site "barometer" and we're setting a target date of Feb. 10th to raise the $23,700 -- we're almost halfway there.

Lynn Fredriksson of EPIC already has mocked up a half-page ad for us, which will be posted as a PDF file on our web-site soon. Please help us in this effort by reaching out to your RPCV and non-RPCV friends. Let them know of our Feb. 10th deadline and goal. I believe a half-page ad would still deliver a strong message. Thanks again for your support.

Best wishes,
Returned Volunteers who contributed to the Ad

Following is a list of Returned Volunteers who contributed to the Ad

Marian Abernathy - Honduras (86-88); Michael Abkin; Shelley Adamik - Uzbekistan & Jordan (00-02); Jeremy & Lynne Adams; Barry Adamson - Sierra Leone (73-75); Howard Terry Adcock; Terry Adcock - Colombia (61-63); Ms. Leslie Adorno; Vivian Adzaku; Ms. Carrie-Ann Akdemirbey; Mrs. Heather Akpata; Ms. Shan-e-Zahra Alavi; Glenn Alcalay; Ms. Joan Alevras; Heather Alexander; Shannon al-Hindawy - Morocco (97-98); Ms. Ruth Alliband; Dr. Jack Allison; Kristan Almgren; Paul Amrhein - Niger (76-77); Mr. David Anderson; Jude Andreasen; Paul Angell; Kathleen Angus; Mr. Daniel Anna; Mr. Daniel Anna - Mali (87-89); Elise Annunziata - Senegal (96-99); John Appling - Russia Far East (95-97); Ms. Carrie Arnold; Alan Artman - Thailand (68-72); Duke W. Austin - Paraguay (98-00); David Axtell; Clare Babyak-Schick; Tad Baldwin - Ecuador (63-65); Ms. Emily Ball; Josephine & James Ball; Edward Balzer; Mr. Charles Bankart; Rachel Banken - Guinea (95-97); Dr. George Banziger; Mr. James Barborak; Jeffrey Barrett; Jennifer Barrett; Mrs. Praya Baruch; Michael Basile; Phyllis Baxter; Ms. Susan Bayley; Mr Brian Beard - Benin (99-01); Dr. Karen Beatty - Thailand (68-70); Ms. Sandra Beddawi; Bill Beery; Christien Beeuwkes; Ms. Laura Belanger; Jack Bellanger - Ecuador (93-95); James Belote; Mr. Talbert Bentley; Sylvia K. Benzler - Guatemala (67-69); David Berger; Justin Berger - Ecuador (99-01); Peter Berger; Nancy Bergman; Erin Bergquist; Kim and Raphe Bernier; Ann F Bevilacqua; Ms Kelly Biedenweg; Lisa Bill; Lisa Bill - Honduras (98-00); Karline Bird - Thailand (68-70); Richard Bird - Thailand (68-70); Stephanie Bird; Libby Blackwell - Liberia (82-84); David Blaine; Charlene Blake; Mary Blanusa; Amy Blasen - Guinea, West Africa (96-98); Byron Blomquist; Dr. Jill Boberg; Jaime Bodenheimer; Lori Boerger - Romania (93-95); Ms. Tracy Boeyink-Roberts; Ms. Sharon Bogan; Mr. R. Terence Bonace; Joan Borgos; Ms Jeanine Borland; Aron Borok; Celia Bosworth; Alan and Sue Boyd - Ethiopia (64-66); Melanie Boyer; Louise Bradley - Russian Far East (94-97); Louise Bradley; David Bragin; Ms. Dianne G. Brause; Ken Brautigam; Zavi Brees-Saunders; Beth & Larry Brockman - Sri Lanka (87-90); Rhoda K. Brooks - Ecuador; Chile (62-64;80-82); Jennifer Broome - Madagascar (00-02); Consuella Brown; Gregory M. Brown - Ecuador (84-86); Robert Bruckman - nigeria (64-69); Margaret Brush; Ms. Christine Bump; Mr. Jared Buono; Joshua Burch - Ghana, West Africa (98-00); Robert Burkhardt; Ms. Beth Burnett; Ms. Beth Burnett - Zaire (79-84); Sarah Burnham; Deborah Burr - Paraguay (98-00); Felicia Burzell; Randy Bush; Jacqueline Butler-Diaz - Thailand (68-70); Kerry Byron; Philippe Cabot - Seirra Leone & Kazakhstan (93-95); John Cairns; Heather Cameron; Mr. Bruce Campbell - Philippines;Korea (61-63;67); Mr. Jason Campbell; Dr. Jill Canono; Ms. Tania Carlone - Russian Far East (95-97); Renee Carlson; Elizabeth Carosso - Nicaragua (99-01); Ms. Maureen Carroll; Ms. Barbara Castleton; Ms. Janet Cavallo - Uzbekistan (95-97); Mr. Azikiwe Chandler; Dr. Ted Chase - Thailand (68-70); Stephanie Chasteen - Guinea (97-99); Randa Chichakli; Ms. Cynthia Childs; Diane Choplin - Niger (94-97); Tom CHORLTON; Clarence Chrisman; Emily Christensen; Craig Christian; Dr. Jonathan Claassen - Republic of Benin (95-97); Colleen J Clark; Colleen J. Clark - Turkey (64-66); Jeremy Clarke; Dr. Douglas Claycomb; Ms. Erin Cleere; Jaquelin Cochran - Poland (97-99); Edmund Coe; Jennifer Coffey; Michal Cohen - Madagascar (98-00); Shoshana Cohen; Shoshana Cohen; Kevin Coleman; Ms. Sally Collier; Dara Vaill Collins - Poland (99-01); Ms. Elizabeth Collins - Namibia (99-01); Jeffrey Collins - Zimbabwe (91-93); Ms. Posie Conklin; Jack Conrad; Jennifer Consilvio; Mr. Sachu Constantine; Karen Cook; Ms Cheryl Coonahan; Mrs. Sally Copeland; Dr. Carol Cordy; Ms. Kendra Cornwell; Lewis Cossaboon; Caroline Cox; John Coyne; Linda S. Crader; Ms. Carol Crehan - Sri Lanka (86 -89); Elen Crone; John Crossman - Colombia (64-66); Sara Curran; Ms. Kristine Currie - Honduras (80-83); Dr. Connie Currier - Ghana (82-84); Joseph Cushing; Chris Cwik; Karen E. Dahn - Liberia (67-70); Meredith (Bunny) Dalebout - Niger (83-85); Stefanie Damiani; Ms. Laura Damon; Lee Daneker; Ms. Emily Danforth; Mr. Morgan Daniels; Paige Davis; Mr. Russell Davis - Honduras (88-90); Mr. Russell Davis; Jacqueline Day; Nanette Day; Elva De La Torre - Paraguay, Nicaragua (97-00); Ronald Dean; Jon & Ginnie Deason - Colombia (63-65); Jeff Degen - Zimbabwe (97-00); Jenna Degen - Zimbabwe (00); Donald Deichman; Mr. Kevin F. X. Delany; Cathy R. Della Penta - Libya; Niger; Senegal (68-69; 69-70; 74-76); Michael DeLongchamp; Catherine DeLorey; Catherine Dentinger; Kelly Blake Denton - Latvia (98-00); Nino deProphetis; Mrs. Ilsa Dickinson; Ms. Stacy Dickinson; Les Dillard - Madagascar (37623); Mr Ronald Dirkse; Colleen Doherty - Turkey (64-66); Jen Dolan - Pohnpei (The Federated States of Micronesia) (88-90); John Dominguez - Mongolia (96-99); Katie Donohoe - Madagascar (99-01); Brian Dowd; Mary Margaret Dragoun - Northeastern Brazil (68-73); Crystal Dreisbach; Alice Drislane - Belize (00-02); David Duane; Ms. Margaret Dubeck; Ms Helene Dudley; Loretta Dunbar; Mr. Paul Dunlap; David and Anabel Dwyer; Dr. Patricia Edmisten; Renai Edwards; Ami Ehrlich; Linda Eiler - Sri Lanka (90 - 92); Julieanna Elegant; Ms. Cynthia Elliott-Koene; Ms. Anna Ellis; Karyn Ellis - Burkina Faso (97-99); Ms. Printha Ellis; Mr. Keith Emrich - Malaysia (64-66); Mr. Joseph Enright - Ecuador (64-66); Mr. Thomas Enslow; Elizabeth Erickson - Morocco (98-00); Kristen Ericsson - Paraguay (87-88); Mary Erio - Ecuador (79-81); Ruth Estabrook; Ms. Bonita Estes - Liberia; Washington; Thailand (65 - 71); Ms. Kimberly Evangelisti; Don Evans; Jessica Evett-Miller; Dr. Cornelia Fales; Elsie Felix - The Gambia (97-99); David Fenner; Ms. Pamela Ficarella; Ms. Audrey Fielding; Mr. David Fielding; Makai Fisher; Anne Fitzgerald - Costa Rica (64-67); Rachel Fix - Mongolia (96-99); Cindy Fletcher; Nickie Foley; Barbara J. Ford; Ms. Sarah Ford; Charles Forester - Chile; Heidi Forssell; Chris Fox - Swaziland (77-80); Michael Fox; Monica Francois; Mr Murray Frank; Lisa Fraser - Guinea (01-02); Kristine M Fredrick; Kristin Noelle Fredriksson - Bulgaria (99-01); Michelle Freeman - Uzbekistan (99-01); Ms. Aimee Fregeau; Alan Frishman; Anne Fristad; Jeanette Gallihugh; Ms. Brinnon Garrett; Kristen Garvin; Kristen Garvin; Valerie Gatchell - The Gambia (96-99); Dr. Pamela George; Ms. Maxine Gere - Philippines (70-72); Ms. Sue Gershenson; Rob Giallongo; Nancy Gilbert; Ms. Katy Ginanni - Zimbabwe (99-00); Ms. Margaret Gjertsen - Turkey (68-70); Emily Goldman - Honduras (91-93); Lorraine & Don Goldman; Alexandra Goodyear; Ms. Julie Gordon; Mr. Jeffrey J. Goveia - Tanzania (93-95); Peter Green - Ghana (77-79); Charles Greer - Ethiopia (66-68); Nancy Gregory; John Grima - Thailand; Geoffrey Grimmer; Ann Grodnik - Guinea (97-99); Dorien Grunbaum; Ms. Rachel Guglielmo; Abigail Gustafson; Mr. Ben Hafele - Guinea (99-01); Captain Judith Hale; R. Diane Hall - Micronesia (88-90); Carl Halpern - Tanzania (66-68); Amethyst Hamlin; Bernard Hammes; Mr. Brian Hanley; Lexine Hansen - Morocco (97-97); Jake Hanson - The Gambia (97-99); Jessica Hardesty; Ms. Diane Hardy; Amos Hare; Wallis Harsch; Emily Harvey; Theresa Hatzell; Helen Haugsnes; Mary Hause; Mr. Christopher Hawley; Carol Hayman; Ann Loughran Hearn - Turkey (63-64); Ms Emily Hearn; Brittany Heaton - Morocco (99-00); Jim Heaton - Morocco (98-00); Caroline Helwig - Morocco (99-01); Dr. John F. Helwig; Katherine Hempstone - Burkina Faso (00-02); Mr. Joshua Henson; Ms. Deming Herbert - Madagascar (95-98); Sami Hermez - Western Russia (00-02); Diana Herriman - Cameroon (99 - 01); Michele Herrington; Ms. Jeanne Heying; Elizabeth Hickey; Stephen Hirst; Matthew Hobby; Elizabeth Hodes - Nigeria (68-71); Ms. Laura Hoffman; Marc S. Hoffmann - Guinea (00-02); Mark Holland; Michelle Holzer - Madagascar (99-01); Sally Honeycutt - Gabon (99-02); Gregory Hooks; Ms Julie Horwitz; Roger Howard W.; Ms. Patricia Hughes - Thailand (71-74); Martha Hunkins; Ms. Sarah Huntington - Guatemala (67-69); Karen Huynh; Stephen Jacobson - Nepal (00-02); Steven Jallad; Amee Jankot; Frank Janzen - Senegal; Somalia (76-79;81-82); Rebecca Jasper; Andrew Johnson; Fox Jonathan; Sarah (Sally) Connolly Jordan - Guatemala (67-69); Sarah C. Jordan; Ms. Dvora Joseph - Gabon (98-00); Deirdre Joy; Ms. Melisa Myers Kaiser - Mali (83-85); Lisa Kaiser Thorp - Zaire (88-91); John Kaltenbach; Dr. Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM - Niger (83-85); Bruce Karhoff - Burkina Faso (98-00); Ms. Elizabeth Kasameyer; Tom Katus; Ms. Pamela Kearfott; Deirdre Keating - Russia (95-97); Lynn Keating; Karen J. Keefer - Nigeria; Liberia; Washington D.C. (66-68; 68; 77-79); Chris Kelley; Karen Kennedy; Ms. Nicole Kibert; Kyeh Kim; Chuck Kleymeyer - Peru (66-68); Mr. Zachary Klim - Bangladesh (00-01); Ms. Anne Knight - Burkina Faso (99-02); Dan Koehler - Paraguay (00-02); Larry Koff - Niger (64-66); Kristopher Kohler; Ms. Jennifer Kovolski; Ms. Elizabeth Kummer; Carolyn La Fontaine - Morocco (99-01); Rupal Lakhani; Rev. Joan LaLiberte'; John Patrick Lambert - Nigeria (64-66); Ms. Mary Lanaghan; Juliet Landler; Danielle Langton; Ms. Joayne Larson; Myq Larson; Mr. Jason Laskowski; Veronique Latimer - Morocco (99-01); Laura & Pierre Lauffer - Zaire (88-91); Kathleen Lawlor; William Lawrence; Ms. Stephanie Lazar; Carrie Lee; Ms. Sherry Leis; Tara Leitzell; Steve Lenzo; Ms. Judith Lesner; Erik Levin; Nancy Liebbe; Jeane Lind; Jennifer Lindbom; Larry Lipton; Matthew Lister - Russia (99-01); Carol Lloyd; Linda Locke; Mr. Jeffrey Lodermeier; Mr. Irwin Loibman; Charles Looney; Mr. Mark Lopes - Paraguay (99-01); Mr. Brian Luckett; Mr. Judson Lyon; Patricia MacDermot Kasdan; Daniel MacMeekin; James Maddry; Mr. James Madigan; Patricia Maguire; Ms. Amy Maher; Mr. Zachary Maichuk - The Gambia (99-01); Mr. Todd Sarti Malone - Namibia (97-00); Kathy and Jeff Marcove - Papua New Guinea (88-90); Kathleen Marks; MR Joseph marll; Ms Tina Martin; A. Paul Masiarchin; Nicole Mason; Daniel Matlack - Nepal (84-86); Mr. John McAuliff; Ms. Kerry McCarthy; Patrick McClung - Bulgaria (94-96); Jack McCreary; Georgia McDaniels; Nathan McFall; Richard McGinn; Ms Megan McGlinchy - Mauritania (98-00); Treela McKamey; Ms. Deb McLaughlin - Paraguay (95-97); Ms. Laurie McLaughlin; Dr. Margaret McLaughlin; Anya McMurray; Scott McNabb; Mr. Scott mcNallan; Maggie L. McQuaid; Linda McWilliams - Guatemala (97-00); Mr. Joel Meister - Peru (64-65 ); Nancy Deeds Meister; Edward Mendes - Senegal (96-98); Ms. Julie Meyer; Krista Michaelis - Madagascar (93-97); Dr. Howard Mielke; Dr. Michael Miles - Thailand (69-72); Dr. Kathryn Miller; Mrs. Lisa Miller; Elisabeth Mitchell - Sultanate of Oman (79-82); Rev. James D. Mitchell Pbro; Ms. Sandra Mitchell - Thailand (68-70); Danielle Monty-Mara; Ms. Kelly Moon - Western Russia (37623); Mr Clifford Moore; Heather Moran - Ghana (97-00); Ann Morgan - Nigeria;Micronesia;Thailand (62-64; 66-71;78-81); Jeanne Moseley - The Gambia (96-98); Diane Mott; Richard Moxon - Colombia (64-67); Ms. Jill Mueller; Alina Mustonen; Mary Frances Muzzi; Megan Myers - Morocco (99-01); N. Bruce Nelson; Eric Nesheim; Martha Neuman - Sierra Leone (83-85); Melissa Nix - Bulgaria (99-02); Toni Noah; Phyllis Noble - Nigeria (65-67); Frederick Noland - Iran (65-67); Jenelle Norin - Burkina Faso (98-01); Lisa Norris; Marya Nowakowski; Max Obuszewski; Alice R. O'Grady; Ms. Judith (Tesar) Oliver - Malaysia (64-66); Erica Olmsted - Uzbekistan (95-97); Lynn Olson; Lynn Cloonan Olson - Nigeria (64-66); Kristin O'Planick; Jeanne Ormsby - Philippines (68-70); Matthew Osborn; Ms Helen Overeynder - Gabon (94-96); Ms. Katharine Owen; Ms. Lynda Ozgur; Dudley Parkinson; George Partlow; Joanne Pascale - Niger (85-87); Kristen Patterson - Niger (96-98); Diana Pearce - Turkey (65-67); Robert Pearlman; Chris Pemberton - Kyrgyzstan (99-00); Jocelyn Peskin; Mr. Matthew Petree; Mr. Douglas Petrie; Dr. Richard Pfau - Nepal; Margo Pfleger - Honduras (72-75); Ms Mary Picard; Edith Pike-Biegunska; Alexis Pingree; Shelton Pitney III; Ms. Tammy Pittayathikhun; Elizabeth Porter Porter; Rhett and Julie Power - Uzbekistan (00-02); Kathleen Pressler; William Preston; Ms. Frances Raymond Price; Nina Pruyn - Costa Rica (93-95); Scott Pryor; Mr. Julian Quibell; Tanya Quinn; Jennie Raab; Amanda Rabinowitz; Stacy Ragan; Kristen Rahn; Jason Rainey; Allison Rainville; Dr. Diane Raleigh; Joan Ramos; Noah Ranells; Simha Ravven; Carolyn Read - Madagascar (95-98); John Rector; Mr Antony Redman; Maeve Reilly - Morocco (85-87); John Reinke - Philippines & Nigeria (63-66); Jana Reister; Walter Renfree; Arlene Reynolds; Christie Reynolds; Dr. Jack Reynolds - Thailand (60-63); Joshua Rhein - Ghana (99-01); Charles Rhoades; William Stacy Rhodes; Randal Ridges; John Riess - Colombia (63-65); Leilani Widdison Rigby - Thailand (68-70); Steven Ringold - Malaysia (69-70); Karen Roach; Peggy Roach - Guinea, West Africa (98-01); William T Roach; Pamela Robenolt; Jamie Robertson - Chile (68-70); Alan Robinson; Jim Robinson - India (69-71); Susan Robinson - India (69-71); Bernard Rocca III - Brazil (68-71); Ms. Gina Roccanova; Jane Rodgers; Carol Rogers - Thailand (84-86); Carol Rogers; Dr. Nancy Romer; Ariela Rosenstein; Heather Ross - Namibia (96-99); Kim Ross; Kristen Ross; Lynn Rossiter - Kenya (74-76); Rich Roth - Sierra Leone; Mozambique (91-92; 98-00); Dennis & Sally Ruf; Kathy Rulon - Morocco (74-77); Kate Runyon; James Rush - Malaysia (68); Vicki Ruskin - Tanzania (65-67); Lindsay Rust - Niger (96-98); Mr. James Rutherford; David Sacco - Gabon, Sri Lanka (UNV) (86-88; 95-96); Ms Nima Salehi; Lisa Sammet; Andrea Sampson - Russian Far East (97-98); Whitney Sander - Sierra Leone (81-83); Ms. Jessica Sauer; Ms. Andrea Gougeon Savoye; Shirley Schaaf - Poland (97-99); Eddie Scher; William Schmidt - Malawi, Central Africa (67-69); Jim Schneider - Niger (64-66); Anna-Marie Schopp - Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) (99-02); R. Thomas Schotzko - Thailand (63-65); Christy Schuetze - Mozambique (98-01); Mr. Howard Schuman - Thailand (68-70); Susan L. Schwartz - Sierra Leone (81-83); Robert J. Schwarz - Liberia (68-77); Dr. John H. Schweitzer; October Searfus; Anne Segal; Mr. Raj Setty; Ms. Molly Shabica; Eric Shaffner; Kerri Shaw; Eric & Elise Sheffield; Ms. Iris Sherman; Erin Shiffer; Ms. Julie Sibbing; Robert Siegel; Warren and Louise Siegel - Ethiopia (66-68); Spencer Simon; Mr. Ajay Singh; Anne Skalicky; Shannon Skally; Joseph Sklar - Peru (62-64); Ms. Bethany Slingerland - Poland (97-99); Amy Smith; Ann Smith - Turkey (64-66); Carlee Smith; Christopher Smith - Turkey (68-70); Ms. Maureen M. Smith; Ms. Sara Smith - Namibia (96-98); Melanie Smolev; Mr. Steven Smtih; Mr John Sneed; Ms Margaret Shannon Snoeren; Mr. Matthew Sokolowski; Dr. Lou Spaventa; Mr. William Sprengnether; Mr. Robert Squires - Republic of Niger (75-77); Stacy Stacks; Ms. Valerie Stains; Anne Stangl - Zimbabwe (98-00); Matthew Steil - Gabon (98-02); Namji Kim Steinemann - Thailand (83-86); Douglas Stewart; Jeredith W Stifter; David Stock; Molly Stock; Kathleen Stolle; Sandra Storey - Thailand (68-71); Dave and Betty Sugarman; Margaret Sullivan; Marcia Summers; Kipp Sutton; Bob Swaffar; Barry Swan; William Swan; Ms Julie Hanson Swanson; Mrs. Kimberly Swanson - Ghana (99-01); Kimberly Swanson; Roger Swartz; Mrs. Janet Swensen; George Tabit; Cynthia Tabor; Sheila Tang; Kelly Tannen; Mrs. Mary Terchek; Sara Terry; Sara Terry - Zaire (87-91); Jay Tervo; Kathi A. Thielen; Andria Thomas; Fred Thompson; Susan Thompson; Ms. Mary jo Thomson; Elizabeth Thorp; Andrew Thurber; Mr. John Tinger; Lia Tinkelman - Poland (97-98); Sara Tipton - Liberia (82-84); Mr. Scott Tobias; Matthew Todd; Mr. Collin Tong - Thailand (68-69); Becky Toomay; April Trentham; Kim Trimble; Dr. Kim Trimble - Morocco (74-76); Ms. Casey Troy; Catherine Tse; Cheryl Tsuhako; Ms Shetal Upadhyay; Charlotte Utting - Senegal;Cameroon;Seattle WA (80-82;89-90;93-98); Carsten Vala; Leslie Van Gelder; Leslie Van Gelder - Guatemala (95-97); Jon VanOlst; Robin Velte - Thailand (68-71); Dr. Lori Vogelgesang - Cameroon (92-93); Ms. Amy Vozel; Mr. Matthew J Wagner; Christopher Waldrop; Lindsey Waldrop; Dr. Susan Walsh; Dr. Susan Walsh - Thailand (68-70); Betsy Ward; Patti Ward; Ms. Roberta Warren; Dr. Jean Weaver; Mrs. Janet Weber-Swensen - Tunisia (94-96); Beth Weigus; Dana Wekerle; Harry Welte; Sophie Wenzel; Ms. Kristin Joanna White - Bulgaria (99-01); Jim Wichmann - Swaziland (83-85); Howard Wildman; Ms. Jennifer Wilen; Ms Amelia Williams; Chris Williams; Daniel Williams - Ecuador (99-01); Harvey Williams; Ms. Lura Williams; Nigel Williams; Roger Willmarth; Ms. Amy Wilson - Namibia (91-93); David Wilson; Dwight Wilson - Chile & Honduras (81-83); Elizabeth Wilson; Dr. Ronald Wilson; Mr. Andrew Winters; Gabriel Wishik; Dr. Douglas Wood; Arnold Woodrich; Woody Woodrich - Palau (68-70); Amy Wright - Uzbekistan (00-01); George Wright - Turkey (65-67); Bob Wrin - Nigeria (62-64); Evelyn Mittman Wrin - Philippines (61-63); Chris Wrona Giallongo; Christy Wyckoff - Thailand (68); Laura Wyckoff - Thailand (68); Peter Yedidia - Niger (68-69); Mr. Stephen Yoder; Gretchen Young - Madagascar (94-96); Ms. Kathryn Young; William Youngblood; Alan Yount; Mr. Andrew Yu; The Rev. Layton Zimmer - Fiji; Tonga (67-68;68-71); Ms. Julianne Zuber - The Gambia (98-00)

Following is the story that PCOL ran on the campaign and sent out to our mailing list on February 3:

RPCVs organize to place Full Page ad in NY Times against War in Iraq

Read and comment on this email that was forwarded to PCOL about a group of RPCVs who are collecting $40,000 to place a full page ad in the New York Times against War with Iraq. To date the group has raised $7,500 toward that goal and they need more support from RPCVs as well as non-Peace Corps contributors if they are to reach their goal in the next few weeks. To contribute click on the link at:

Click here for Ad against War in Iraq*

* This link was active on the date it was posted. PCOL is not responsible for broken links which may have changed.

Click here for Ad against War in Iraq

John, Jeff Gustafson forwarded your note to me. Thanks for your offer of help with your RPCV listserv. I am a Thailand RPCV (1968-69) and am senior director for news and westside communications at Washington State University. In early January, I contacted Sam Brown Jr., former ACTION/ Peace Corps Director for Carter (and U.S. ambassador to the OECD for Clinton) about my idea for a full-page ad in the NY Times.

Sam, a former classmate of mine at the University of Redlands, is on board and supported my idea. He suggested an online web-site to raise money for an ad. With the assistance of my Thailand 24 RPCV colleagues, we crafted a short five-sentence statement. Jeff Gustafson, a colleague from CCPI (Citizens Concerned about the People of Iraq) in Seattle helped design the web-site. Erik Gustafson (Jeff's brother), executive director of EPIC (Education for Peace in Iraq Center), a 501(c)3 in Washington D.C. agreed to host the site and is providing pro bono support to design the ad layout.

The ad will cost $40,000 to run as a standby ad in the New York Times. To date we have raised $7,500 toward that goal, and we greatly need more support from RPCVs as well as non-Peace Corps contributors if we are to reach our goal in the next few weeks.

I am also working with Dwight Wilson (RPCV Honduras), president of World Corps, Fred Noland (RPCV Iran), founder of Ploughshares, and other RPCV organizations. In the past several weeks, I and my Thailand 24 RPCV network have sent out hundreds of messages to NPCA and RPCV listserves across the country and contacted Peace Corps directors and former directors. Dwight's father, Donald Wilson, was deputy USIA director under President John F. Kennedy (and served with Edward R. Murrow).

Please share this web-site with your RPCV network and know of our appreciation for your support: http://epic-usa.org/PeaceCorpsAd. If you would like to contact me, my work phone is: (206) 448-1333; home: (206) 782-5802; home email: collintong@hotmail.com.


Collin Tong
RPCV Thailand
Seattle, Washington


The Statement that will run in the Ad in the NY Times

Our Statement: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oppose War in Iraq

Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961, more than 165,000 individuals have served in 136 countries around the world as Peace Corps Volunteers.

The current administration is threatening a preemptive strike against Iraq. As former Peace Corps Volunteers who have worked to promote understanding between Americans and the peoples of other countries, we call upon our president and other elected leaders to resist the temptation of war.

A U.S. military invasion of Iraq would cause the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians, create an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Iraq, and heighten political tensions in the Middle East. It would, in fact, pose a grave danger to people around the world.

We, the undersigned Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, refuse to condone any U.S. policy of unilateral military action against Iraq.

Moreover, we call upon our fellow Americans to join with us in supporting a peaceful resolution of the current situation -- one that is respectful of the United Nations, the Iraqi people, and international law.

[ Ed. Note: All the names of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, or RPCVs, who have signed this statement would follow here, including the photo above of Iraqi children by Bob Haynes. A pdf version of this ad will be posted here by Monday. ]

This ad is sponsored by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World.

What else you can do about the War in Iraq

Click the link below and enter your ZIP Code to contact Congress and let them know what you think:

Click here and enter your ZIP Code to contact Congress

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By Jack Long on Friday, February 14, 2003 - 2:38 am: Edit Post

I am not opposed to a group of RPCV wanting to take out an ad supporting their personal political position. HOWEVER, I am opposed to them doing so under the name of RPCV.
Our Statement: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oppose War in Iraq

That statement is FALSE!

How about this:
SOME Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oppose War in Iraq
A GROUP OF Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oppose War in Iraq

It is not until the end of the article that the reader is told, "This ad is sponsored by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for a Better World."

I do not appreciate this group taking the liberties to speak for me.

Jack Long
CAR 1988-1990

By Augustine Omara on Tuesday, April 01, 2003 - 12:43 pm: Edit Post

I am not a RPCV but worked with one, Consuella Brown in Malawi.

Could she please get in touch.

My phone number is +44 7941 185626.

Augustine Omara

By ben kelley on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 10:33 am: Edit Post

I am trying to get in touch with Kevin FX Delany if he is the former Peace Corp official who knows Ben Kelley. We have been out of touch for many years and I want to renew contact with him. I note he appears to be a signator of the ad. If you can ask him to contact me I will be most appreciative.

Ben Kelley
Boston, MA
617 670 1130

By Evelyn Wilkins Cox on Friday, August 29, 2003 - 5:44 pm: Edit Post

Trying to reach Charles Forester. Evelyn Wilkins Cox

By Kun T. Olter (0-1pool51-8.nas13.kansas-city1.mo.us.da.qwest.net - on Wednesday, November 05, 2003 - 10:06 pm: Edit Post

my name is kun t. olter....
i am looking for lee allison (peace crps volunteer- kosrae, fsm ). i haven't contacted him since june 2000. if u know him, i would appreciate ur help in letting him know that i'm here in pulaski, missouri.
ph #: (573)329-0595
e-mail: kun.olter@us.army.mil

By Terry (cache-ntc-aa03.proxy.aol.com - on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 11:36 am: Edit Post

My name is Terrence Martinez from Belize, Central America (Formerly) British Honduras and I'm loking for Phyllis Weiler and Mary Jane Ward. They both thought me at "Austin High School" late 1960 thru 1970.

I can be reached at: (909) 836-4371 or

Thanks and have a very Blessed day.

Nuff Respect,

By Luz (dialup- - on Monday, January 30, 2006 - 8:21 pm: Edit Post

I am trying to contact Douglas Campbell. He was in Medellin (colombia) around 1979. Please contact \mail

By Mohamed Jantan (71-37-27-166.tukw.qwest.net - on Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - 10:18 pm: Edit Post

My name is Mohamed B. Jantan, I am trying to contact Ms. Barbara Gus and Mr. John Huber both were in the Peace Corps at my school, STAR (Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman)in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1962 - 1966. Both taught me English and Mathematics at the all boys boarding school. My e-mail address is: jantanmoffat@aolcom.

By Anonymous (gw3.fep.ru - on Sunday, August 27, 2006 - 7:06 am: Edit Post

My name is Yulia. I am looking for Sami Hermez. He was in Penza (Russia) in 2000. We were friends then and then I got married and moved to Moscow.
Please, contact me. my e-mail address is: Yulia_Sultanova@inbox.ru, bonnie@awax.ru

By Erin OConnor (c-24-19-4-186.hsd1.mn.comcast.net - on Sunday, October 01, 2006 - 4:48 pm: Edit Post

My friend Elaine Conway and I are trying to contact RPCV Mary Lynn McGovern Gutowski and her husband Robert Gutowski. Elaine heard from
Mary Lynn in 1984, when Mary Lynn was in
Thailand. Please have her contact us.

Erin O'Connor
206 322-2125

By mulatya ( on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - 2:16 am: Edit Post

i wish to volunter for peace

By Anonymous ( on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 12:29 pm: Edit Post

my name is Hammu iam looking for jennyifer seifman a PCV in Morocco 2002/2003.

By Judi Duck (cache-mtc-ag11.proxy.aol.com - on Thursday, April 24, 2008 - 1:38 pm: Edit Post

Hi Duck! I can not find you and this is one of my last hopes! Anybody knowing Carol Rogers PCV(age 48 or 49) please ask her to contact Judi Duck at oceanjudi@yahoo.com! I miss my friend!
Please please help!

By Ismail bin Ahmad ( on Thursday, April 02, 2009 - 1:56 am: Edit Post

A peace corp volunteer, named Flavis Ray Linda was my teacher in 1966-1967 while I was studying at STAR (Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman or Tuanku Abdul Rahman Secondary School) in Ipoh, Malaysia. I would like to send her my best regards and great appreciation for the knowledge that she had imparted to me.

I would be happy knowing how she is doing and where she is at the moment.

Thank you.

By Shahul H. Kabir ( on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 11:09 pm: Edit Post


I am looking for former Peace Corps volunteers
Ms Barbara Gus
Mr John Huber

who taught in Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Ipoh, Malaysia in the 60s..would welcome any information about them.

I would also like to hear from
Dr David Hin Tracy

who taught me Physics.


Shahul H. Kabir

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