June 20, 2003 - Philip Corbin Thomas 's blahg.net: Peace Corps Internet Chat held three times weekly

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Peace Corps Internet Chat held three times weekly

Read and comment on this internet chat transcript posted by Philip Corbin from the Yahoo Clubb Peace Corps listserv. The chats are held three times a week: Mondays, 8-11 pm Eastern Time (GMT -0500), Thursdays, 9 pm -12 m Eastern Time (GMT -0500), and Saturdays, 11 am - 2 pm Eastern Time (GMT -0500) at:

---- New Conversation @ Sat Mar 8 10:57:17 2003 ----*

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---- New Conversation @ Sat Mar 8 10:57:17 2003 ----

(10:57:19) phil in pc entered the room.

(11:17:36) Mananath entered the room.

(11:17:44) Mananath: hi phil

(11:17:47) phil in pc: hey there

(11:17:51) phil in pc: how's it going?

(11:17:56) phil in pc: isn't this a lot easier :)

(11:17:59) Mananath: it is going good -- i love this AOL chat

(11:18:02) Mananath: it's great!

(11:18:25) Mananath: i'm still waiting for the yahoo chat window to fully open!

(11:18:39) phil in pc: yeah, i went on there too to tell people to come here

(11:19:38) Mananath: hopefully andrea will put that link on the PC group page

(11:19:47) Mananath: this is def a lot easier

(11:20:05) phil in pc: yes, i was lucky to find that info about how to do the automatic linky thing to join the cat

(11:20:05) phil in pc: chat

(11:20:35) Mananath: yeah -- i had looked at AIM after you first mentioned it and thought it would have to be as paige described it. There was no way I saw that happening!

(11:20:52) phil in pc: that would have been too tough for sure

(11:21:38) Mananath: ok -- i was just dropping in for a few minutes today. i will stick around longer on thurs -- cya then!

(11:21:49) phil in pc: okay

(11:21:51) phil in pc: ttyl

(11:21:53) Mananath: have good day!

(11:21:54) Mananath left the room.

(12:05:30) PoiDog xxx entered the room.

(12:07:34) PoiDog xxx: gfhsfhgfhgf

(12:07:38) PoiDog xxx left the room.

(12:34:45) PoiDog xxx entered the room.

(12:34:53) phil in pc: hey

(12:35:35) PoiDog xxx: (indigenous_76) hey...so is the room we are going to use for now on?

(12:35:49) phil in pc: i think so

(12:36:04) phil in pc: well, it has my vote anyway :)

(12:36:18) phil in pc: this is waaaay better than hte java yahoo chat imo

(12:36:38) PoiDog xxx: i never had a problem with the other room...so it doesn't make a difference to me

(12:38:04) PoiDog xxx: i heard my program was cancelled from one of andrea's posts, and I was getting pissed because my recruiter wouldn't even tell me the Program number...but

(12:38:39) phil in pc: program cancelled?? that sucks

(12:39:03) PoiDog xxx: she sent me my nomination via fedex...just received it...i was beginning to think i was nominated for a program that doesnt exist, but now i dont know what to think

(12:39:45) PoiDog xxx: my recruiter never wants to talk...she always acts as if there is always something more important to do

(12:40:08) phil in pc: nomination or invite?

(12:40:08) phil in pc: nomination or invitation?

(12:40:08) phil in pc: you just got your nomination?

(12:40:15) phil in pc: hrm

(12:40:16) PoiDog xxx: i dont trust her at all...she seems shadey

(12:40:18) phil in pc: lag

(12:40:33) phil in pc: really? my recruiter was great

(12:41:04) PoiDog xxx: i was nominated last month, already have my med kit submitted to OMS, and now i finally received my nomination...not invite...hope to have that at the end of the month at the earliest

(12:41:21) phil in pc: yeah, that would be pretty quick

(12:41:35) phil in pc: i just sent in my medical stuff in feb.

(12:41:43) phil in pc: at the beginning of february

(12:41:54) PoiDog xxx: if i get it my invite this month...the whole process from application to invite will have taken me 2 months

(12:42:00) phil in pc: but i guess if your nomination is for sooner they will push you to the top of the queue

(12:42:46) phil in pc: yeah, i don't think you will get an invite that soon

(12:42:54) phil in pc: i think that they are doing the june ones now

(12:42:56) PoiDog xxx: my nom was for august...but i have a totally cool screening nurse (which i guess is more important than a cool recruiter), and she said she would get to my stuff in the next 2 weeks

(12:43:15) phil in pc: oh, well i guess you have inside information

(12:43:32) PoiDog xxx: i dont really expect that to happen though...i know how busy OMS is

(12:44:13) PoiDog xxx: she should be starting july/august invites soon

(12:44:34) PoiDog xxx: i don't think i've heard of anyone leaving in july for anything yet...

(12:45:42) phil in pc: neither have I

(12:55:27) ArcherMGB entered the room.

(12:55:35) ArcherMGB: wow, It worked!

(12:55:38) phil in pc: hello

(12:55:44) PoiDog xxx: hey

(12:55:58) ArcherMGB: Maggi - Georgia

(12:56:20) phil in pc: tblisi georgia or atlanta georgia?

(12:56:55) ArcherMGB: tbilisi Georgia...it's where the PC is sending me in two weeks!

(12:57:09) phil in pc: cool

(12:57:23) phil in pc: doing what?

(12:57:45) ArcherMGB: teaching English...we're only the third group, no other programs yet

(12:57:59) phil in pc: wow

(12:58:02) phil in pc: exciting

(12:58:09) phil in pc: a beginning program

(12:58:22) ArcherMGB: exciting a not a little bit scary

(12:58:43) phil in pc: do you speak russian?

(12:58:47) ArcherMGB: the advantage is, no one before you for them to compare it to...

(12:58:51) ArcherMGB: not yet

(12:59:16) ArcherMGB: we won't be learning russian in training

(12:59:21) ArcherMGB: I'll have to do it on my own

(12:59:29) phil in pc: wow, that will be a challenge

(12:59:52) ArcherMGB: I've got some good software to get me started.

(12:59:55) phil in pc: my cousin did tefl in turkmenistan

(13:00:05) phil in pc: i think it was turkmenistan

(13:00:10) phil in pc: with the PC

(13:00:20) ArcherMGB: what will you be doing?

(13:00:28) phil in pc: and he decided about half way through that he really hated teaching english

(13:00:43) phil in pc: i'm nominated for information technology in africa

(13:00:46) phil in pc: in september

(13:00:50) phil in pc: so i still have a long wait

(13:00:52) ArcherMGB: it will be a challenge, but there is a lot of potential to make it fun

(13:00:54) PoiDog xxx: hey phil...you should try to get kahjot from the other room in here..you are the IT guy after all

(13:01:16) ArcherMGB: when I first applied I had a year to go

(13:01:48) PoiDog xxx: georgia sounds like an exciting place to be

(13:02:02) PoiDog xxx: enough turmoil to keep you on your toes

(13:02:26) ArcherMGB: i doubt it in the villages...but the politics will be interesting to watch

(13:02:41) ArcherMGB: what's your story poi?

(13:03:32) PoiDog xxx: well...i'm nominated for nog development / e. europe / august / it's a "Pilot program"...supposedly it will be a brand new program

(13:03:46) PoiDog xxx: in a country the PC is in, but has never done this there

(13:04:06) ArcherMGB: we were wondering if that might have been georgia :)

(13:04:22) PoiDog xxx: limits it to a couple of e. european countries...georgia

(13:04:35) PoiDog xxx: have you heard of that program?

(13:04:54) ArcherMGB: nope...

(13:05:08) ArcherMGB: but they may not be ready to announce it yet

(13:05:27) PoiDog xxx: sounds like georgia to me...especially since it almost 6 months after you leave...but i've heard it may be albania or macedonia

(13:05:31) PoiDog xxx: so who knows...

(13:05:41) phil in pc: i read an article the other day about how the pc is starting an initiative to wire senegal

(13:05:55) ArcherMGB: that will be cool...

(13:05:58) phil in pc: and i've got my fingers crossed

(13:06:04) phil in pc: that that's what my program will be

(13:06:13) ArcherMGB: one of the things I'm glad about Georgia for is everyone has cell phones

(13:06:19) phil in pc: lol

(13:06:33) PoiDog xxx: i was going to be part of that...leaving with a group from UW-Milwaukee, but are project leader has cancer so we're not going anymore

(13:06:53) ArcherMGB: the current volunteers said their families would call them direct

(13:06:53) phil in pc: PoiDog xxx: to senegal?

(13:07:27) ArcherMGB: hehe...I bet the chat gets complicated when a lot of people are in here

(13:07:33) PoiDog xxx: yes...senegal...we were going to assist in wiring the villages to central locations to act as "headquarters" to disperse info and calibrate services

(13:07:34) ArcherMGB: I haven't made it to one yet

(13:07:59) phil in pc: wow, that's awesome

(13:08:10) phil in pc: ArcherMGB: yes, it does get kind of confusing

(13:08:20) phil in pc: but with aol im we can have private messages

(13:08:26) ArcherMGB: true.

(13:08:34) PoiDog xxx: sneaky

(13:08:36) ArcherMGB: did everyone use this way thursday?

(13:08:41) phil in pc: nope

(13:08:48) phil in pc: we just talked about it a little bit

(13:08:59) phil in pc: thursday was still the yahpoo java chat

(13:09:18) ArcherMGB: I've been having problems with yahoo and hotmail...my mailbox is near empty and I've been having messages bounced

(13:09:33) PoiDog xxx: how many people in your tefl group Archer?

(13:10:04) ArcherMGB: not sure...we have 5 from the group....I'm thinking around 20

(13:10:19) ArcherMGB: I'm leaving for DC on the 24th.

(13:10:37) PoiDog xxx: not everyone is tefl?

(13:10:39) ArcherMGB: I'm going to keep my MSN account till then so I can hook up at the hotel

(13:10:50) ArcherMGB: our whole group is tefl.

(13:10:58) ArcherMGB: some secondary, some college

(13:11:04) PoiDog xxx: ahh...

(13:11:24) ArcherMGB: the only job part I'm nervous about is having a counterpart

(13:11:38) phil in pc: what's that?

(13:11:44) ArcherMGB: I've got lots of ideas that they're going to find kooky.

(13:11:48) PoiDog xxx: lol

(13:11:49) ArcherMGB: a tag team teacher

(13:11:59) ArcherMGB: it's one thing if I had the class to myself

(13:12:05) PoiDog xxx: i'm sure they're thinking the same thing

(13:12:07) phil in pc: a pcv or a hcn?

(13:12:12) ArcherMGB: hcn

(13:12:27) ArcherMGB: hopefully its someone who's open to new ideas.;

(13:12:31) phil in pc: wow, i've learned to really throw around the three letter acronyms :)

(13:12:32) ArcherMGB: I don't teach from a book

(13:12:47) PoiDog xxx: i don't learn from books...

(13:12:57) phil in pc: ArcherMGB: are you already an english teacher?

(13:13:44) ArcherMGB: no I've been teaching/tutoring in a local GED program

(13:13:49) ArcherMGB: while sitting in on ESL at night

(13:14:32) phil in pc: i've been teaching HS reading since september

(13:14:35) ArcherMGB: I think I'm invited for this program more for the secondary portion of my job: introducing new teaching techniques to teachers

(13:14:55) phil in pc: i was supposed to take 6 hours of esl classes

(13:15:06) phil in pc: to get re-hired next year

(13:15:45) ArcherMGB: but yet you're going in IT?

(13:15:48) phil in pc: yes

(13:15:52) phil in pc: i'm a computer engineer

(13:16:00) phil in pc: but i just needed a job

(13:16:03) phil in pc: living at home

(13:16:05) phil in pc: with parents

(13:16:14) ArcherMGB: so funny...I guess that's part of what attracts us to PC and vice versa...ecclecticism

(13:16:26) phil in pc: nice word ;)

(13:16:33) ArcherMGB: I quit my job in graphics in December and have been living at home since

(13:16:41) ArcherMGB: the teaching thing was temp

(13:16:43) phil in pc: i just graduated in the summer

(13:17:01) phil in pc: and i always thought that i might want to teach one day....

(13:17:05) phil in pc: but NO MORE :)

(13:17:26) ArcherMGB: it will be different with these kids

(13:17:30) phil in pc: true

(13:17:36) ArcherMGB: the GRE people have almost drained me

(13:17:37) phil in pc: like, they actually want to learn

(13:17:41) ArcherMGB: I lot of them didn't want to be there

(13:17:47) phil in pc: really?

(13:17:47) ArcherMGB: they had to be for welfare

(13:17:51) phil in pc: ahh

(13:17:56) ArcherMGB: the older ones were great

(13:18:13) ArcherMGB: when I had interested students, it was one of the best feelings when they got it

(13:18:51) ArcherMGB: but the teachers would give me the severe ones for tutoring...and it's hard to go over the same concept over and over when they could learn it if they actually tried

(13:19:15) phil in pc: i know exactly how you feel

(13:19:36) phil in pc: (except 5 days a week 7 hours a day)

(13:19:37) ArcherMGB: so...we'll see what the class will be like in Georgia

(13:19:51) PoiDog xxx: maggi, any parts of georgia where russian is used more predominantly than georgian?

(13:20:05) ArcherMGB: Abkhazia, but we're not allowed to go there.,

(13:20:14) ArcherMGB: they are bitter about the separation from Russia

(13:20:15) PoiDog xxx: 'cause of the separatists?

(13:20:24) ArcherMGB: *nods*

(13:20:38) PoiDog xxx: still have russian troops in Abkhazia as well

(13:20:58) ArcherMGB: there's a lot of people in Georgia who see the hard times now as a result of the fall of communism...which is true

(13:21:15) ArcherMGB: it's hard to make people understand the advantage of a system that still isn't working yet

(13:21:28) ArcherMGB: but the dissidence is what's keeping it from succeeding

(13:21:46) PoiDog xxx: true...how much have they declined economically post-communism?

(13:22:09) ArcherMGB: considerable...Georgia was the club med of the Soviet Union

(13:22:44) PoiDog xxx: i hope my program is going to georgia...i've been wanting to go there for so long

(13:23:05) ArcherMGB: that would be cool...you'll have to keep in touch...

(13:23:30) ArcherMGB: I've got a mailing list

(13:24:06) PoiDog xxx: of course...i want to take an unguided tour to Groznyy, Chechnya too

(13:24:22) ArcherMGB: I think I'll be avoiding that area just yet

(13:24:35) PoiDog xxx: what are you using for your mailing list?:

(13:24:37) ArcherMGB: I want to go up to Moscow and St. Petersburg while I travel

(13:24:44) ArcherMGB: yahoo groups

(13:24:57) PoiDog xxx: i turned down a job in moscow because of the PC

(13:25:38) PoiDog xxx: was going to work for a company responsible for supplying the logistical support for the embassy ion moscow

(13:25:56) ArcherMGB: so you're an IT type too then?

(13:26:02) kahjotabay entered the room.

(13:26:07) PoiDog xxx: lol...far from it...

(13:26:19) kahjotabay: thanks phil.

(13:26:24) phil in pc: no problem

(13:26:42) PoiDog xxx: como estas kahjot?

(13:26:58) kahjotabay: bien. gracias. you get my name then, huh?

(13:27:10) PoiDog xxx: nope

(13:27:31) ArcherMGB: I'll bite...what does it mean?

(13:27:35) kahjotabay: my initials in spanish, spelled to the best of my ability.

(13:27:49) PoiDog xxx: cuando era nino, yo estudie espanol para ocho anos, per no recuerdo mucho

(13:28:08) phil in pc: ditto ;)

(13:28:17) kahjotabay: pero bueno... hablas bastante bien.

(13:28:22) phil in pc: but 5 years for me

(13:28:25) ArcherMGB: ah kewl...never took spanish, but some time in Orlando has helped

(13:28:27) PoiDog xxx: ahora, ya golvaru pah ruski

(13:28:37) kahjotabay: russian?

(13:28:37) PoiDog xxx: i bet

(13:28:42) PoiDog xxx: da

(13:28:48) ArcherMGB: nyet

(13:28:55) kahjotabay: are you all rpcv's?

(13:28:56) phil in pc: ArcherMGB: where do you live now?

(13:29:06) phil in pc: still orlando?

(13:29:07) ArcherMGB: South Louisiana...

(13:29:22) PoiDog xxx: one invite, two nominations in here...and you

(13:29:31) ArcherMGB: no...only lived in Orlando for a year...left a bit ago

(13:29:53) kahjotabay: not even a lonely nom yet. need to get and send in my recommendations.

(13:29:59) PoiDog xxx: when's your interview kahjot?

(13:30:09) kahjotabay: yeah. don't even have that yet.

(13:30:13) phil in pc: well, i'm glad that i'm almost through with florida

(13:30:25) phil in pc: i was really nervous about my interview

(13:30:27) kahjotabay: it'll be over the phone thru the nyc office.

(13:30:27) ArcherMGB: where in FL?

(13:30:31) phil in pc: but it was a breeze

(13:30:49) kahjotabay: where are the invites to?

(13:30:56) phil in pc: clewiston, just south of lake okeechobee

(13:30:58) ArcherMGB: it just so happened that my recruiter was in Baton Rouge the week after I finished my app

(13:30:58) PoiDog xxx: call em collect kahjot...

(13:31:23) ArcherMGB: K, I'm going to the Republic of Georgia

(13:31:30) phil in pc: my nomination is for africa

(13:31:35) ArcherMGB: in two weeks

(13:31:37) phil in pc: english speaking africa

(13:31:37) kahjotabay: francophone?

(13:31:52) phil in pc: so probably not senegal

(13:31:55) phil in pc: but maybe

(13:31:59) ArcherMGB: brb

(13:32:01) kahjotabay: are you nervous archer?

(13:32:57) PoiDog xxx: when you think you'll be med cleared phil?

(13:33:04) kahjotabay: or excited...

(13:33:37) phil in pc: PoiDog xxx: hopefully soon :)

(13:33:40) phil in pc: not sure when

(13:34:18) PoiDog xxx: whats the weather like in madrid kahjot

(13:34:41) ArcherMGB: back...hehe all of the above...

(13:34:50) ArcherMGB: been on an emotional rollercoaster for weeks

(13:34:51) kahjotabay: absolutely beautiful... about 60s lately... much nicer than my native ct/boston

(13:35:25) PoiDog xxx: aren't you lucky...it won't stop snowing in milwaukee

(13:35:40) ArcherMGB: its been raining for days down here, but it just got nice

(13:36:25) PoiDog xxx: i wouldnt mind living in new orleans

(13:36:32) phil in pc: it's about 90 here

(13:36:37) phil in pc: and 100% humidity

(13:36:40) PoiDog xxx: 23 here

(13:36:44) phil in pc: it hasn't started raining everyday

(13:36:50) phil in pc: but it will in a couple of weeks

(13:36:58) phil in pc: until the middle of august

(13:37:10) ArcherMGB: I had to laugh when the descriptions for Georgian climate said it was a balmy 70 in the summer

(13:37:33) PoiDog xxx: that's perferct weather for me...

(13:37:46) PoiDog xxx: probably cold to what your used to

(13:37:48) phil in pc: yeah, i would love that

(13:38:21) PoiDog xxx: i lived in georgia for about 3 years and i've hated coming back to the cold ever since

(13:38:35) ArcherMGB: nope...I love it cold

(13:39:13) ArcherMGB: not used to it in the long term, but I'll do okay.

(13:39:23) ArcherMGB: I like it around 50 with a sunny breeze

(13:39:43) PoiDog xxx: you have any last minute packing advice/recommendations maggi?

(13:39:58) ArcherMGB: yikes...I'm still trying to figure all that stuff out myself.

(13:40:19) ArcherMGB: are you guys going to be around? I've gotta dissappear for a bit

(13:40:37) phil in pc: i'll still be here probably

(13:40:43) PoiDog xxx: i'm going out for a smoke right now i think

(13:40:49) ArcherMGB: ok...laters!

(13:40:56) PoiDog xxx: bye

(13:41:10) phil in pc: so what's your background kahjotabay?

(13:41:15) PoiDog xxx: i'll be back in about 5 or 10...

(13:41:19) phil in pc: college/major etc

(13:41:22) phil in pc: job

(13:41:31) kahjotabay: i'm an undergrad, studying int'l business and spanish.

(13:41:44) kahjotabay: currently studying in madrid for the year.

(13:41:51) phil in pc: that's awesome

(13:42:03) kahjotabay: graduating in december of next year, hopefully off to africa in january or shortly thereafter...

(13:42:16) phil in pc: you don't want to go to a spanish speaking country?

(13:42:30) phil in pc: they will probably want you to go to s america or something

(13:42:59) kahjotabay: i'm fluent in french

(13:43:01) phil in pc: ahh

(13:43:05) phil in pc: k, nevermind ;)

(13:43:18) kahjotabay: lol. what's your background?

(13:43:31) phil in pc: i just graduated last summer from Univ. of Florida

(13:43:39) phil in pc: computer engineering

(13:43:50) phil in pc: been teaching HS since then

(13:43:54) phil in pc: living at home

(13:44:20) phil in pc: i can't wait untli school is out :), i think i'm more anxious than my students

(13:44:56) kahjotabay: i'm hoping i get invited to a program that leaves soon enough so that i don't have to move home...

(13:45:18) phil in pc: yeah, i didn't decide on pc until after i graduated

(13:45:32) phil in pc: so maybe i could have left earlier

(13:45:52) phil in pc: but oh well

(13:45:54) kahjotabay: you said you're going to english-speaking africa?

(13:45:55) phil in pc: this way i made some money

(13:46:01) kahjotabay: good point.

(13:46:03) phil in pc: well, it doesn't have a language requirement

(13:46:22) phil in pc: so maybe i will learn some other lang.

(13:46:36) phil in pc: or maybe it will be in a city where most speak eng.

(13:46:46) kahjotabay: what are you hoping for?

(13:46:59) phil in pc: i would like to learn french

(13:47:11) phil in pc: i bought some learning french cd's

(13:47:30) kahjotabay: how's that going?

(13:47:32) phil in pc: but i haven't done very much of it ;)

(13:47:36) phil in pc: slowly

(13:47:43) kahjotabay: bonne chance...

(13:48:06) kahjotabay: how long have you been waiting on med clearance?

(13:48:11) phil in pc: about a month

(13:48:13) phil in pc: not too long

(13:48:23) phil in pc: i sent it in the first week in feb.

(13:48:25) kahjotabay: that's the part i'm dreading.

(13:48:37) phil in pc: and exactly a week later i got back all of my dental stuff

(13:48:52) phil in pc: telling me to get 3 fillings :(

(13:48:57) phil in pc: first two are this friday

(13:49:03) phil in pc: and the other is a week from friday

(13:49:09) phil in pc: but then i can send it back in

(13:50:04) phil in pc: but apparently, the dental clearnace goes waaay faster than the medical

(13:50:21) phil in pc: it's just one dentist who looks at all of the dental records

(13:50:48) PoiDog xxx: sounds exciting

(13:50:53) kahjotabay: lol

(13:51:43) kahjotabay: random questions...

(13:51:48) PoiDog xxx: i cant wait for my invite...i want to start studying the language

(13:51:54) kahjotabay: where did you have to go to get your fingerprints taken?

(13:52:03) PoiDog xxx: dont go to the police station

(13:52:05) phil in pc: i went to the sherrif's dept

(13:52:11) PoiDog xxx: they booked me...

(13:52:18) PoiDog xxx: mug shot and all

(13:52:19) phil in pc: someone told me that they were going to charge me

(13:52:22) phil in pc: but they didn't

(13:52:31) phil in pc: PoiDog xxx: lol

(13:52:44) kahjotabay: i had to go halfway to portugal practically to find the one pol. station that does them.

(13:52:49) PoiDog xxx: seriously...i thought i was going to be thrown in the clink

(13:52:59) kahjotabay: and first go to the embassy to get a letter from them.

(13:53:16) phil in pc: you'd think they could do it at the embassy

(13:53:17) kahjotabay: i have a feelign the app process is going to take me a LONG time.

(13:53:32) PoiDog xxx: embassy could do em for you, but most people who work in the embassy are lazy

(13:53:35) kahjotabay: you'd think, yes, but only for spaniards for their visas.

(13:53:51) kahjotabay: i asked. multiple times.

(13:53:55) PoiDog xxx: they're just be unflexible

(13:54:04) PoiDog xxx: bunch of pogues

(13:54:20) PoiDog xxx: try the campus policia...if they have them

(13:54:36) kahjotabay: what about the typewriter? where'd you track one of those down?

(13:54:44) PoiDog xxx: kinkos

(13:54:55) PoiDog xxx: when are you coming back to the states?

(13:54:58) kahjotabay: campus pol? hahahhaha. nonexistent.

(13:55:04) PoiDog xxx: lol

(13:55:07) phil in pc: i did the online application

(13:55:10) kahjotabay: august. i want to leave in january. doesn't leave me with much time.

(13:55:21) phil in pc: oh, for the fingerprints

(13:55:24) kahjotabay: i did it online as well, but the background check has to be typed.

(13:55:27) phil in pc: my mom had one at work

(13:56:04) PoiDog xxx: see if you can have the PC send you a letter asking the state dempartment morons at the embassy to hook you up with the finger prints

(13:56:32) kahjotabay: lol. no. fingerprints are all set now. was just curious.

(13:57:04) PoiDog xxx: i'm in a criminal database now...look for me on Americas Most Wanted

(13:57:12) kahjotabay: lol.

(13:57:57) kahjotabay: you get sent the med forms after being nominated, right?

(13:58:09) phil in pc: kahjotabay: yes

(13:58:10) PoiDog xxx: kahjot...ask your recruiter to send you the microsoft word doc for the references you will need

(13:58:18) kahjotabay: got that already.

(13:58:26) PoiDog xxx: you can email this to them, then they can snail mail it back to you

(13:58:29) PoiDog xxx: much quicker

(13:58:40) kahjotabay: i emailed the pdf form off to my references as soon as i got my passport login info.

(13:58:48) phil in pc: one of my references held on to it for about 3 weeks

(13:58:55) PoiDog xxx: i had references all over the world and there was no way i could get them back within the 7 working days

(13:58:59) kahjotabay: my recruiter is pretty great, actually. she's letting them mail them directly to her.

(13:59:18) kahjotabay: she's well aware of my international situation...

(13:59:32) PoiDog xxx: so i emailed them the reference form, the filled it out, signed over the envelope seal, and presto...

(14:00:19) kahjotabay: i'm a bit concerned about my friend ref... it's exams week and then she's off on spring break.

(14:00:25) kahjotabay: it could take a while to get that one in.

(14:00:25) PoiDog xxx: my recruiter is rather inflexible, so i had to put her in headlock

(14:01:12) PoiDog xxx: it should only take 30 minutes to fill out

(14:01:33) PoiDog xxx: buy her som camerones

(14:01:34) kahjotabay: yeah. again. you'd think.

(14:02:41) PoiDog xxx: if you ever mail anything to the PC, always do it via Fedex

(14:03:03) phil in pc: everything i've had from them, they've always included a fedex label

(14:03:15) phil in pc: like, my dental records that they sent back

(14:03:18) ArcherMGB: I'm back...I had my references given to me and handed them in at my interview

(14:03:24) phil in pc: included a pre-paid fedex label

(14:03:26) PoiDog xxx: so did I...

(14:03:33) kahjotabay: really? that's awfully nice.

(14:03:35) phil in pc: my interview was over the phone


(14:03:47) kahjotabay: any advice? mine will be too.

(14:03:54) phil in pc: don't sweat it

(14:03:59) ArcherMGB: i'm telling you...timing has been uncanny for everything

(14:04:04) phil in pc: believe it or not, it's the easeiest part

(14:04:30) kahjotabay: not too concerned... i'm a pro at interviews. HR major.

(14:04:41) ArcherMGB: they can tell pretty quickly if your the right stuff or not

(14:04:42) PoiDog xxx: my recruiter honed in on work experiences more than anything else...difficult co-workers, difficult boss, etc...how did i handle those situqations

(14:04:42) phil in pc: lol, mine only lasted about 25 minutes

(14:04:50) PoiDog xxx: mine was 90 minutes

(14:04:52) phil in pc: PoiDog xxx: same here

(14:05:15) ArcherMGB: mine was more personal

(14:05:16) phil in pc: (difficult work situations)

(14:05:26) ArcherMGB: but we were both chicks

(14:05:30) phil in pc: lol

(14:06:02) PoiDog xxx: i had a newbie recruiter sitting in on my interview, so she covered every possible question to better prepare him for his future interviews

(14:06:10) phil in pc: ahh

(14:06:25) phil in pc: so you got the royal treatment

(14:06:37) PoiDog xxx: p. jelly and all

(14:07:15) PoiDog xxx: i was interviewed in a room the size of a box, and the heat was about 120 degrees

(14:07:38) PoiDog xxx: i wanted to strip down to my boxers, but i figured that would distract her too much

(14:07:54) ArcherMGB: or it might have locked you in

(14:07:57) PoiDog xxx: lol

(14:08:02) PoiDog xxx: i would hope so

(14:08:36) ArcherMGB: one of the guys talked about walking on his hands for his interview

(14:08:48) PoiDog xxx: thats funny

(14:08:57) phil in pc: lol, why?

(14:09:04) phil in pc: was that just a skill he wanted to show off?

(14:09:15) phil in pc: very proud of his handwalking ability?

(14:09:23) ArcherMGB: why not..it shows a sense of humor and a creative approach to life

(14:09:34) PoiDog xxx: mine asked if i was scuba certified to see about sending to me a program in L. America

(14:09:54) phil in pc: are you?

(14:09:57) janessastream entered the room.

(14:10:02) phil in pc: hello

(14:10:06) PoiDog xxx: i told her no, but i will stand on my head and sing i'm a liitle tea cup in russia if it gets me to e. europe or the Stans

(14:10:17) kahjotabay: rolflol

(14:10:37) ArcherMGB: my recruiter was in Moldova....it helped that she had an affinity towards e. europe

(14:10:59) PoiDog xxx: mine was in poland

(14:11:02) ArcherMGB: hi Jane!

(14:11:13) janessastream: wow, hi

(14:11:15) kahjotabay: mine was in uzbek. i think.

(14:11:33) phil in pc: mine was russia

(14:11:37) PoiDog xxx: uzbekistan seems like a cool assignment

(14:11:53) kahjotabay: i think it would be cool to say you could speak uzbek.

(14:11:54) ArcherMGB: oh...and I had performed at a festival in France where there was a group of moldovans...I brought a copy of the program translated to english for her

(14:12:17) PoiDog xxx: that'll get you some points for sure

(14:12:18) ArcherMGB: uzbek is supposed to be similar to turkish

(14:12:33) PoiDog xxx: i have some friends from tashkent

(14:12:46) phil in pc: my cousin is working for the state deptarment in uzebekistan

(14:13:06) phil in pc: he's doing some HS student exchange program

(14:13:14) kahjotabay: jane are you an rpcv?

(14:13:17) phil in pc: preparing uzbek kids to come to the US

(14:13:29) PoiDog xxx: that sounds like fun

(14:13:30) janessastream: no, i'm a prospective

(14:13:36) janessastream: interview on tues

(14:13:38) phil in pc: he really likes it

(14:13:47) kahjotabay: good luck.

(14:14:10) janessastream: thanks

(14:14:12) ArcherMGB: good timing...

(14:14:40) janessastream: sounds like i walked into a -stan/e.europe group

(14:14:51) phil in pc: not me

(14:14:58) kahjotabay: most likely not me.

(14:14:59) phil in pc: i'm nominated for africa

(14:15:01) ArcherMGB: nope...just happened to be something we have in common...recruiters who were there

(14:15:03) janessastream: ah ha

(14:15:04) PoiDog xxx: naw...some of our recruiters were

(14:15:25) janessastream: practically all of them

(14:15:34) janessastream: wh/ programs? anyone environment?

(14:15:46) PoiDog xxx: no...i'm go development

(14:15:55) PoiDog xxx: ngo development

(14:16:08) ArcherMGB: nope...tefl

(14:16:18) kahjotabay: probably business for me.

(14:16:20) phil in pc: i'm small business devel/IT

(14:16:56) PoiDog xxx: you all set for your interview jane?

(14:17:25) janessastream: i guess so

(14:17:27) janessastream: any tips?

(14:17:34) phil in pc: don't be nervous

(14:17:37) PoiDog xxx: walk on your hands

(14:17:43) phil in pc: is it a phone or in person interview?

(14:17:54) janessastream: i'm in nyc, so yeah, it's in person

(14:18:07) kahjotabay: who is your recruiter?

(14:18:19) janessastream: joye wagner

(14:18:27) kahjotabay: oh. mine is cara.

(14:18:45) janessastream: in nyc

(14:18:46) janessastream: ?

(14:19:20) kahjotabay: my recruiter is in the nyc office.

(14:19:41) phil in pc: jane: you want to enviro ed?

(14:19:53) janessastream: rather conservation, but will do edu.

(14:19:55) phil in pc: any idea where?

(14:20:02) phil in pc: where you want to go?

(14:20:07) janessastream: i'm shooting for the pacific

(14:20:54) janessastream: so are all you all nominated/invited?

(14:21:08) phil in pc: i'm nominated

(14:21:10) kahjotabay: i haven't had my interview yet.

(14:21:12) nyx n fred entered the room.

(14:21:15) PoiDog xxx: nominated

(14:21:31) karolinaantonina entered the room.

(14:21:32) phil in pc: hello

(14:21:35) phil in pc: wow

(14:21:37) phil in pc: two at once

(14:21:38) karolinaantonina: hi

(14:21:39) ArcherMGB: wow...people!

(14:21:48) kahjotabay: does the recruiter discuss nominations after the interview or during?

(14:21:52) nyx n fred: hello

(14:21:55) ArcherMGB: mine die

(14:21:59) ArcherMGB: did even

(14:22:04) phil in pc: mine did immediatly after

(14:22:11) phil in pc: i guess during

(14:22:27) ArcherMGB: in fact...for some reason mine was actually listed as Georgia...very wierd

(14:22:29) janessastream: how are you all lined up for medical evals?

(14:22:34) karolinaantonina: I was told what I would be nominated for at the end of the interview

(14:22:36) karolinaantonina: no!

(14:22:42) karolinaantonina: I'm so nervous

(14:22:42) nyx n fred: after, because she had just gotten back from a trip and hadn't read the list of openings.

(14:22:42) PoiDog xxx: i waited a week...she had me fill out a NGO Addendum to supplement the two business ones i filled out

(14:22:52) karolinaantonina: because I'm suppoed to go in june

(14:23:12) phil in pc: my medical stuff is sent in, but i haven't heard back about it yet

(14:23:14) nyx n fred: so they'll do you first

(14:23:25) ArcherMGB: Antonia, I'm leaving in two weeks!

(14:23:35) karolinaantonina: Is that Joye Wagner?

(14:23:41) karolinaantonina: She was just in India...

(14:25:17) phil in pc: nyx n fred: are you nominated or invited?

(14:25:24) karolinaantonina: nominated

(14:25:29) karolinaantonina: to west africa

(14:25:38) phil in pc: doing what?

(14:25:38) karolinaantonina: leaving in june with th tefl program

(14:25:41) phil in pc: k

(14:25:41) nyx n fred: according to the online status thingie, invited to west africa

(14:25:56) karolinaantonina: what country?

(14:26:00) kahjotabay: how much of a french background do you two have?

(14:26:04) karolinaantonina: cameroon?

(14:26:05) nyx n fred: but the letter's still in the mail, so I don't know which francophone country

(14:26:09) karolinaantonina: one semester

(14:26:39) nyx n fred: I had four or five years in high school, then more fresh yr college

(14:26:52) karolinaantonina: damn...

(14:26:57) karolinaantonina: i'm imprressed

(14:27:03) nyx n fred: but never had good speaking/listening skills.

(14:27:11) nyx n fred: too hard in a class of thirty

(14:27:14) karolinaantonina: do you actually think we'll use the french?

(14:27:21) nyx n fred: I can read it alright. kind of.

(14:27:31) nyx n fred: yes, depending on where we go.

(14:27:54) phil in pc: my africa nomination doesn't have a language requiremnt

(14:28:03) nyx n fred: I heard for some assignments, initial lang training was in french, and when you were good enough at that they give you local lang lessons

(14:28:20) karolinaantonina: that's what I figure

(14:28:28) phil in pc: so i might do something like that nyx n fred

(14:28:49) karolinaantonina: fred, how long did your med clearance take?

(14:28:55) nyx n fred: I was in france briefly this summer. enough to know that if I'm thrown into the environment, it will come back. it will have to.

(14:29:07) nyx n fred: nov-feb

(14:29:18) karolinaantonina: did you have problems?

(14:29:21) nyx n fred: nope

(14:29:22) kahjotabay: it will... after five years i went to france for one weekend and by the end i was fluent again.

(14:29:23) karolinaantonina: I mean allergies

(14:29:28) nyx n fred: they just didn't get around to looking at it.

(14:29:35) karolinaantonina: ok...

(14:29:38) nyx n fred: well, environmental alll

(14:29:43) nyx n fred: allergies.

(14:29:46) nyx n fred: pollen

(14:29:54) nyx n fred: nothing major,

(14:29:59) karolinaantonina: I guess if I'm supposed to go in three months they'll speed it up

(14:30:02) nyx n fred: only need otc meds

(14:30:13) karolinaantonina: what are otc meds?

(14:30:13) nyx n fred: yeah, you'll go to the top of the pile

(14:30:17) nyx n fred: over hte counter

(14:30:50) ArcherMGB: I'm popping out now..got some stuff to take care of...I'm sending letters to business around town asking for donations

(14:30:53) karolinaantonina: That's it? So west africa is clear for minor allergies?

(14:30:59) nyx n fred: apparently

(14:31:00) phil in pc: ttyl ArcherMGB

(14:31:02) nyx n fred: bye

(14:31:08) karolinaantonina: later

(14:31:11) karolinaantonina: I'm off too

(14:31:13) ArcherMGB: I'll try to pop in Tuesday

(14:31:15) nyx n fred: what are you doing phil? teaching too?

(14:31:18) ArcherMGB left the room.

(14:31:18) phil in pc: k, later all

(14:31:22) phil in pc: i'm doing IT

(14:31:30) nyx n fred: cool

(14:31:31) phil in pc: small business devel/IT

(14:31:43) phil in pc: i could have done IT education

(14:31:44) karolinaantonina: Thanks for the info Fred, maybe I'll see you in africa

(14:31:48) karolinaantonina left the room.

(14:31:50) nyx n fred: maybe

(14:32:06) phil in pc: but business would be more interesting imo

(14:32:21) nyx n fred: so you'll be in east or south africa, probably. or ghana if they have business.

(14:32:22) phil in pc: and better for future careers

(14:32:26) nyx n fred: yeah.

(14:32:35) ***phil in pc is a computer engineer

(14:32:40) kahjotabay: what are the main differences between bus advising and development?

(14:32:48) kahjotabay: the descriptions seem pretty similar to me.

(14:32:49) phil in pc: i think i maybe the only engineer in the peace corps ;)

(14:32:54) nyx n fred: doubt it.

(14:32:57) phil in pc: yea

(14:33:01) phil in pc: me too

(14:33:09) phil in pc: i'm the only one i've met so far

(14:33:17) phil in pc: but that's not saying much

(14:34:25) nyx n fred: with three thousand new ones a year, there must be a few sprinkled about

(14:35:08) phil in pc: most engineers go off and find jobs :)

(14:35:26) nyx n fred: very boring of them

(14:35:30) phil in pc: lol, yes

(14:36:11) janessa stream: (sorry for the silence). so does anyone have their pc passport?

(14:36:18) phil in pc: nope

(14:36:19) janessa stream: or do you get it at staging?

(14:36:29) nyx n fred: staging, I hear

(14:36:35) phil in pc: i just applied for a regular passport

(14:36:48) janessa stream: and.... if they take your old one (wh/ they do, i've heard, in order to process the new one), how long do they have it?

(14:37:08) nyx n fred: I htink they give it back with your PC one.

(14:37:23) janessa stream: wh/ means no leaving the country for that period of time, eh?

(14:37:43) nyx n fred: probably not. but it shouldn't be too long

(14:37:58) janessa stream: hmm

(14:38:08) nyx n fred: govt passports usu. get pushed through fairly quickly, I think. they have to.

(14:38:16) kahjotabay: i hear if you're going on a trip, they'll give it to you (the reg one) but if not, they hang on to it.

(14:38:29) nyx n fred: they month before you leave you should be packing not travelling anyway, I guess is the reasoning.

(14:38:44) janessa stream: ah true

(14:39:03) nyx n fred: well, apparently they keep all passports at HQ in a safe in each country.

(14:39:22) janessa stream: while in country - that makes sense

(14:39:32) nyx n fred: so it's not stolen. then you have a PC ID badge that is for travel within your country

(14:39:36) janessa stream: i was just wondering about pre-staging - whether I'd be able to leave for that month or so

(14:40:04) nyx n fred: do you have a placement officer yet?

(14:40:04) kahjotabay: ok. i'm off. nice talking to you all.

(14:40:08) janessa stream: (my bf lives in greece, so i go over there pretty often)

(14:40:11) nyx n fred: alright.

(14:40:11) phil in pc: k, ttyl kahjotabay

(14:40:12) nyx n fred: ttyl

(14:40:15) kahjotabay left the room.

(14:40:20) janessa stream: no, interview on tues

(14:40:45) phil in pc: wow, it seems like everyone else is a seasoned world traveller

(14:41:10) nyx n fred: started saving my allowance in fifth grade for just that purpose.

(14:41:10) phil in pc: i've been to canada a few times :)

(14:41:21) janessa stream: ;)

(14:41:24) nyx n fred: it's something.

(14:41:34) janessa stream: i don't really think europe applies when comparing it to the PC though

(14:41:43) nyx n fred: some people haven't even left their towns, much less their states.

(14:41:48) phil in pc: that's true

(14:42:03) janessa stream: i second that

(14:42:13) phil in pc: how old are you two?

(14:42:15) phil in pc: i'm 22

(14:42:17) janessa stream: 22

(14:42:26) nyx n fred: I think 22, but I keep trying to say 23.

(14:42:34) nyx n fred: all of my friends are 23 now

(14:42:39) PoiDog xxx: i guess i'm the old man at 26

(14:42:39) nyx n fred: driving me nuts

(14:42:45) janessa stream: where are you all now, and where you going?

(14:42:49) nyx n fred: DC

(14:42:55) phil in pc: i'm teaching high school in florida

(14:43:31) phil in pc: nominated for africa, sept.

(14:43:43) janessa stream: you're both out of school (for the 22 yo's - sorry poidog)

(14:43:53) phil in pc: yeah, graduted in july

(14:43:53) nyx n fred: headed to francophone W. Africa. country to be learned {Monday?}

(14:43:55) PoiDog xxx: i'm in milwaukee, ngo development nomination for e. europe in august

(14:44:00) nyx n fred: grad last may

(14:44:10) janessa stream: august - that's late

(14:44:32) janessa stream: i'm shooting for august too (working at northwestern univ this summer) but am afraid all programs will be shipped out early summer

(14:44:51) nyx n fred: there are plenty of aug jobs

(14:44:53) phil in pc: pc sends people off all the time

(14:44:58) janessa stream: i probably shouldn't speculate until my interview, but it's easy to get worried about it

(14:45:14) nyx n fred: and lots of fall ones.

(14:45:20) janessa stream: that's good to hear

(14:45:21) PoiDog xxx: i cant figure out what the august e. europe jobs are

(14:45:29) phil in pc: i got nominated for this september last year in august

(14:45:34) nyx n fred: do you have any idea where they'd want you to go? french or spanish background or something?

(14:45:35) phil in pc: and i was available immediatly

(14:45:55) phil in pc: there's a long waiting list for IT positions

(14:46:06) janessa stream: me? no background in span/french (rather german and greek, which does me no good) - rather go to the pacific

(14:46:31) janessa stream: what that your only option phil?

(14:46:47) phil in pc: janessastream: no, that's just what i wanted to do

(14:46:53) phil in pc: and i was willing to wait for it

(14:47:00) janessa stream: that's how i feel a/b enviro conservation

(14:47:12) phil in pc: well, you might end up waiting a while

(14:47:15) phil in pc: dunno tho

(14:47:24) janessa stream: yeah, i'll find out next week, i suppose

(14:48:26) nyx n fred: poidog: prob not ukraine, they go in march?? adn sept.

(14:48:35) nyx n fred: romania goes in june

(14:48:49) nyx n fred: but there are a couple waves of volunteers in many countries

(14:49:51) PoiDog xxx: yeah...its supposed a new program intiative, so i think either georgia, macedonia, or albania

(14:50:09) nyx n fred: cool

(14:50:24) nyx n fred: you get more luggage than I will

(14:50:56) PoiDog xxx: cause the cold?

(14:51:01) nyx n fred: yeah

(14:51:17) nyx n fred: cold weather volunteers have a higher baggage weight limit

(14:51:25) janessa stream: good to know

(14:51:54) nyx n fred: I will take one sweater, and wear it on the plane cuz they're always freezing during flight.

(14:52:08) nyx n fred: no winter coat for me.

(14:52:32) janessa stream: you're going to francophone w. africa, right?

(14:52:38) PoiDog xxx: well i'm going to split folks, off to buy a bike...talk to y'all next time around

(14:52:45) janessa stream: isn't there the possibility that you could go into the mountains?

(14:52:49) phil in pc: PoiDog xxx: have fun

(14:52:49) nyx n fred: yeah

(14:52:55) PoiDog xxx: later

(14:52:57) janessa stream: poidog: bye!

(14:53:01) nyx n fred: ttfn

(14:53:03) PoiDog xxx left the room.

(14:53:29) nyx n fred: yes, but not likely. the french speaking countries are fairly low and warm-hot.

(14:53:43) janessa stream: yeah

(14:53:49) phil in pc: but you might want to visit the mountains or something

(14:54:13) nyx n fred: hills in cameroon and a little higher elevation in guinea, but mostly mountains are in the east/northeast

(14:54:15) janessa stream: i suppose one could always shop in country. that's my plan

(14:54:33) nyx n fred: true. but if only visiting in year two, I'll buy something there. and go in summer.

(14:54:54) phil in pc: yeah, buying in country seems like the best idea

(14:55:11) nyx n fred: I've heard that in year two, volunteers get a couple days below 75 a year and they all wear sweaters.

(14:55:23) phil in pc: lol

(14:55:31) phil in pc: that's about how it is here

(14:55:44) phil in pc: as soon as it hits 65, everyone breaks out their winter coats

(14:55:51) nyx n fred: silly floridans

(14:55:56) phil in pc: yes we are

(14:56:14) phil in pc: but i voted for gore and my vote was counted correctly ;)

(14:56:56) nyx n fred: well, we're really sick of snow here mostly. people didn't move to DC to get huge mounds of snow every week and a half. they thought they would get three to five inches a winter

(14:57:11) janessastream left the room.

(14:57:14) nyx n fred: are you sure?

(14:57:23) nyx n fred: how do you know they didn't throw it away?

(14:57:28) janessa stream entered the room.

(14:57:33) janessa stream: (sorry)

(14:57:33) phil in pc: heh, i guess i'm not sure

(14:57:54) nyx n fred: have they bought new machines yet?

(14:58:07) phil in pc: where i voted, it was pen and paper

(14:58:17) nyx n fred: how quaint.

(14:58:17) phil in pc: no silly punch cards

(14:58:32) phil in pc: and you feed the paper into a scanner

(14:59:58) nyx n fred: I pushed buttons next to the guys names I wanted. then a light appeared next to their names, when I'd chosen everyone and verified htat the correct lights were lit, I pushed "send", or "go", or something

(15:00:15) phil in pc: was it a touch screen thingy?

(15:00:21) nyx n fred: kind of.

(15:00:59) janessa stream: hey, i'm going to go

(15:01:02) janessa stream: it was nice talking to you

(15:01:08) phil in pc: nice talking to youy

(15:01:08) janessa stream: i'll be around next time

(15:01:12) nyx n fred: talk you later

(15:01:14) janessa stream: good luck!

(15:01:17) janessastream left the room.

(15:01:49) phil in pc: i'm going to leave too, nice talking to you nyx n fred

(15:01:55) nyx n fred: okay

(15:01:57) nyx n fred: bye

(15:01:57) phil in pc: later

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