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Read Peace Corps Cartoons by Charley Stough.

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Charley Stough - RPCV, Newspaperman, Artist, Cartoonist

The cartoons on this page are by Charles Stough, a PCV in Panama 1964-66, who worked with a co-op building Cinva-Ram homes near Juan Diaz. After Peace Corps he became a newspaperman and is now in semi-retirement in San Antonio, Texas, where he paints and writes while his wife Alicia, a Panamanian, participates in every festival she can join. He did a cartoon every week or so for the PC office in Panama starting in 1965. He says "I think my technique has improved since then, but these are the authentic drawings."

Visit his web site at Charley and Alicia Stough's Web page

We will be posting more cartoons on this site every month.