October 23, 2003 - Peace Corps Memo: Gaddi Vasquez resigns as Peace Corps Director

Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Headlines: Peace Corps Headlines - 2003: October 2003 Peace Corps Headlines: October 24, 2003 - Orange County Register: Some suggest Vasquez is coming home to work for Schwarzenegger : October 23, 2003 - Peace Corps Memo: Gaddi Vasquez resigns as Peace Corps Director

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Gaddi Vasquez resigns as Peace Corps Director

Read and comment on this memo that was emailed out on Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm with the resignation of Gaddi Vasquez as Peace Corps Director at:

Gaddi Vasquez resigns as Peace Corps Director*

* This link was active on the date it was posted. PCOL is not responsible for broken links which may have changed.

Gaddi Vasquez resigns as Peace Corps Director

"It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing to you that I have resigned as Director of the Peace Corps effective November 14, 2003. In my resignation letter to President George W. Bush, I wrote, "The Peace Corps is well positioned to expand and achieve even more in the 21st century. In my view, the Peace Corps remains one of the most viable means to train men and women in host countries and do so with effectiveness and positive outcomes of which we can be proud."

On February 15, 2002, I was privileged to assume the role of Peace Corps Director. The honor and opportunity to lead an agency with such a noble mission has been one of the great highlights of my professional life. During my time as Director, I have met hundreds of Peace Corps Volunteers who are engaged in remarkable work and are advancing the first and second goals of Peace Corps. I have traveled to 24 countries and all 11 recruiting offices and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with exceptional staff who are performing a great service in support of the Volunteers' work. I have also had the opportunity to meet RPCVs in many states and appreciate their continuing commitment to advancing the third goal of the Peace Corps. I am confident that the Peace Corps is well positioned to achieve much in the 21st century.

Since I have become the Director, the Peace Corps has established programs in nine countries and is poised to grow in the coming years. Much of what has been accomplished is due to the strong partnership between Peace Corps Washington and field staff in the United States and overseas. From recruiters to desk officers and from medical staff to safety and security personnel every man and woman I have met represent the finest of Peace Corps professionals. It has been my honor to serve with each of you.

I will always be grateful to President Bush for the high honor and confidence he had in nominating me to serve. Moreover, he has been a strong advocate and proponent of Peace Corps and his continued support throughout his Presidency has been extraordinary.

As I prepare to return to California, I will fondly remember the friendships and the support that so many of you have given to me since my first day at Peace Corps. I am proud of what has been accomplished and each of you has made a contribution to that effort. Together we have made a difference, achieved many objectives, and we have created new opportunities for all Americans to serve in the Peace Corps. I thank you for your dedicated service."

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By bankass.com (0-1pool136-14.nas12.somerville1.ma.us.da.qwest.net - on Friday, October 24, 2003 - 7:05 am: Edit Post

Now, will the next Director listen to us on security issues, separation issues, and medical issues? I always have hope in any adminstration. As we know, some day even without the Director's leadership, the issues of separations, health issues and safety prevention issues will be addressed properly?

Who is acting Director?

The article never mentions why he really resigned?

Is it that recruitment problems beseiged him because of the real safety concerns many Americans have?

Will the acting director be more open or closed to the Volunteers with issues toward the agency?

Will he or she really listen and reform the Agency, so that recruitment will rise?

Looking forward to a more open Peace Corps.


Hasta La Vista, Director Vasquez

Good Luck in your future endeavors.

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